Let's Talk About...Infidelity

The shock of an affair or infidelity in a relationship can be devastating – whether you are in a committed or short term relationship.

Betrayal, loss of trust, fear for the future, explaining to loved ones, navigating your future can seem overwhelming and you may feel you cannot see the wood for the trees.

So many questions run through your mind, like “what did I do wrong?” “Can I ever trust again?” “How could they do this to me?” …… “WHY????”

The effects on your physical wellbeing can cause loss of weight, lack of sleep, crying, nausea, irritability, paranoia…… there will be many, so no, you are not imagining the physical effects.

I am sure there are many questions you want the answers to from your partner but tread carefully. You are entitled to ask questions and expect answers but this can all be very painful.

Relationships can be saved but it takes work: “Do I want to end this relationship now?” or “Can we work to repair it?”

· Don’t make hasty decisions


· Take physical and mental care of yourself, if you are unable to work or sleep – speak to your GP. Exercise is always helpful. Try to be careful of turning to negative support such as alcohol, drugs, retaliation or smoking too much


· Please try to avoid bringing children into the disruption but also reach out to family and friends for emotional support


· Talking through your confusion and distress with a counsellor can help you to process what has happened and what YOU want for your future.

There is hope for your future to be what you want it to be…