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Stella Beever Counselling

Counselling - 1 hour

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Whether meeting me in person in my counselling room or online, this one hour is your time to explore issues you feel are causing you difficulties.

Please contact me for my availability and booking.

Please contact me for student counsellor rates. 

Appointment information

This session is an ideal opportunity for you to meet with me and for us to see if we can build a good connection for the work ahead.

I am always hopeful that you choose to stay and continue with therapy but the value of the work comes from the relationship we build.
Our first session will include taking an initial assessment which helps me to gain a deeper understanding of the things that are important to you.

The assessment may include questions around your relationships, childhood, emotions, thoughts, behaviour, issues that you find difficult and why you have decided to start counselling.
It is important for me to understand what you are hoping to gain from counselling.

If you feel you do not wish to proceed at this stage then you are under no obligation to continue.
If I feel I am unable to help you, then I will tell you and offer alternative support options.

What next?

I will offer you an agreement about our counselling sessions. This does not mean you are legally bound into an agreement, but for you and me to understand the details of how we will work together. You have a copy of this agreement.

I will encourage you to talk freely about your feelings and emotions without fear that I will judge or criticise you. Our sessions are a safe space for you to be truly heard and valued.

We will agree the time and dates of sessions, the cost and payment arrangements.

Counselling - 1 hour

How I can help you

  • Person-Centred Therapy

  • Relationship Issues

  • Stress & Trauma

  • Anxiety Disorders


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